प्रधानाचार्य का संदेश

‘’The mind is everything. What you think you become.’’    Gautama Buddha

 Undeniably children are the best examples of matchless sincerity, marvelous creativity and boundless enthusiasm which they generally display in almost all the tasks assigned to them. They are undoubtedly a perennial source of inspiration to adults also. But in this fast changing world with plenty of distractions and temptations, they need to preserve their innocence, integrity, inner strength, intelligence, presence of mind and simplicity which are some of the most invaluable traits required to face the challenges of life and to succeed.

I am certain that the positive and focused approach of children along with guidance from their parents and teachers will help them reach their goals to prove themselves as responsible and useful citizens of our nation. Life may seem difficult sometimes but they will never lose their hopefulness and faith if they stay humble and grounded.

Let us help children set a realistic goal for themselves and then put their best efforts to hit the bull’s eye. Remember without a goal we are like a directionless ship which is bound to lose its way in the vast ocean.

 My best wishes to all of you….