सत्र 2019-20  के लिए विभिन्न समितियां


क्र ंख्

शैक्षवणक संयोजक/ Academic conveners

सदस्य/ Members



1)       Periodic Faculty meetings with preplanned agenda points.

2)       Meaningful discussions with respect teaching learning process.

3)       Chalking out and implementing constructive strategies with a view to bring considerable improvement in the performance of students.

4)       Assessment of the previous meeting agenda

5)       Follow up in the right earnest.

श्री श्याम लाल (हिंदी)

श्रीमती ममता ( Eco.)

श्री ओम प्रकाश (Commerce)

श्री आकाश (Physics)

श्री सचिन (Maths)

श्रीमती मिनाक्षी (Chemistry)

श्रीमती दीपा (Biology)

श्री मनीष (IP)

सुश्री नेहा( English) 



Admission Committee

1)   Strict adherence to KVS admission schedule

2)   To follow admission guidelines of KVS for 2

3)  To answer the queries of parents.

4)  Timely uploading of T.C’s on web and verification of T.C’s before admission.

5)   To maintain proper records.

श्री आकाश I/C

श्री मनीष (IP)

श्री नरेश

श्रीमती  दिविंदर(Primary section) 



Examination Committee

1)        To coordinate smooth conduct of internal and externalexam.

2)        To print and purchase examination material in time

3)      Maintain secrecy in all respects.

4)       To handle correspondence related to the CBSE and other external exam.

5)        Strict adherence to the KVS schedule and proper

maintenance of records.

6)        To maintain all exam related KVS and CBSE circulars.

 श्रीमती दीपा I/C 

श्री मनीष

श्रीमती रेखा

श्रीमती मिनाक्षी



1)        To ensure the proper conduct of morning assembly which includes,

(i)  Command,

(ii)  Prayer

(iii)  Pledge

(iv)  Thought

(v)  News

(vi)  Talks on G.D., Value education, Current Affairs

(vii)  National Anthem

(viii)  Marching Song

2)  Proper preparation for celebration of different functions, events, ceremonies etc.

3)  Preparation and implementation of proper CCA schedule.

4)  Constitution of student council and organization of investiture ceremony.

5)  Monitoring and assessing House performance withrecords.

6)   Ensuring hoisting of National as well as House flag.

7)  Issue of class out passes and I Cards.



सुश्री नेहा I/C


श्री श्याम लाल


श्रीमती रेखा


सुश्री रेनू (Primary section)


Time Table Committee

1)       To prepare time table as per latest KVS guideline and amend it whenever needed during the session.

2)       To ensure proper distribution and communication of time table to the students and teachers as and when required and provide its copies to the Principal.

3)        To ensure daily engagement of teachers who are onleave.

4)        In case of long leave vacancy of teachers arrangementof

Contractual teachers with the consent of the Principal.

श्री सचिन I/C

श्रीमती ममता

श्रीमती वनिता ठाकुर

श्रीमती  दिविंदर(Primary section)






Discipline Committee

1)     To keep track of undisciplined students and monitorthem

श्रीमती दीपा I/C (Girls)


श्री ओमप्रकाश(Boys)


श्री निर्मल

श्रीमती वनिता ठाकुर

श्री शमशेर सिंह

श्रीमती दलजीतकौर



 सत्र 2017 -18 कि समितियों के लिए नीचे दिए लिंक पर क्लिक करें

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