Teacher Achievers


Session 2015-16 

Mr. lalit Gupta Qualified the exam for Principal . 


Session 2013-14


S.No. Name  Designation Course Date
1 Sh Narottam Singh Sub Staff  Sub Staff Workshop 16.08.13 to 18.08.13
2 Smt Shakuntla Thakur Librarian Inservice Course 01.06.13 to 21.06.13
3 Smt Kiran Thakur PRT Inservice Course 20.05.13 to 29.05.13
4 Sh Rohit Kumar TGT(Maths) Maths Orientation Workshop 17.08.13
5 Sh Rakesh Kumar  PGT(Physics)  Workshop on Human Rights & Gender Sensitization 22.08.13 to 23.08.13
6  Smt Shakuntla Thakur  Librarian   Workshop on Human Rights & Gender Sensitization  22.08.13 to 23.08.13
7 Sh Rakesh Kumar PGT(Physics)  Workshop on Human Rights & Gender Sensitization  25.07.13 to 30.07.13
8 Smt Shakuntla Thakur Librarian  Workshop on Human Rights & Gender Sensitization 25.07.13 to 30.07.13
9 Smt Daljeet Kaur Music Teacher Inservice Course 12.11.13 to 02.12.13
10 Smt Ranjeet Kaur WET Inservice Course 09.01.14 to 29.01.14 
11 Smt Kiran Thakur PRT Inservice Course 23.12.13 to 03.01.14

Session 2012-13


S.No. Name  Designation Course Date
1 Sh IRS Gautam PGT(Hindi) Inservice June, Dec 2013
2 Ms Vijeta TGT(P&HE) Workshop on Human Rights & Gender Sensitization cum conditioning camp May 2013


Mrs Divinder Kaur and Mrs Shakuntla Thakur  attended one day Teacher Orientation Programme in Chandigarh on 29-04-2013, organized by Rama Krishna Mission, 15B Chandigarh on Swami Vivekananda's birth anniversary. Entire nation is clebarting this year.


Mr Rohit Kumar, TGT(Maths) attended a course on soft-skills, e-learning & smart teaching on 1st and 2nd Feb, 2013 at LPU Phagwara (Jalandhar)

Contents of workshop were:

1. Personality Development

2. Smart teaching

3. Life Work Balance


In Dec. 2012,Hon'ble Principal Mrs Sangeeta Sharma, won Regional Incentive Award in category of best vice principal in Chandigarh Region



Ms Vijeta, TGT(PHE)-Guide Captain  attended two day workshop of Adults Leader before Rajya Puraskar on 9th & 10th July, 2011


Mr Rohit Kumar, TGT(Maths) attended 12 day workshop w.e.f. 08-06-2011 to 19-06-2011 at KV No. 2 Pathankot

 Mrs Anita PGT(Maths), Mrs Parveen PGT(Chem) , Mr Anil PGT(Phy) attended 3 day workshop at Chandigarh w.e.f. 14th to 16th Sep.,2010. The main points of the workshop were:

             Discussion on marking scheme and evaluation

             Error Analysis

             Use of study material



Ms Himani Anand, PGT(CS) attended a 2 day subject committee meeting workshop which included introduction to e-CTLT project (Digital Diary), clubbing of KVs for Subject Orientation workshop etc

 Mrs Parveen Kumari , PGT(Chem) attended the training session of PISA+ Field Trial sponsored by OECD(Organisation for Economic Co-operation development) on 10th March,2010 at Directorate of Higher Education, Shimla. The session assesses the students’ preparedness for adult life and measures students’ achievement in Reading, Mathematics &Science. PISA is the world’s largest International survey in Education.

Mrs Anita  Devi, PGT(Maths) attended one workshop on Maths Olympiad at K.V. Chandigarh, Sector-47 on 9th March-2010. The aims of the Olympiad are to develop critical thinking  awareness about Maths by involving interesting Higher Order Thinking Skills.  It develops creativity among the students & prepares the students for the challenges of globalized world