Principal Message



There is no position more privileged than the one in which one finds oneself directly responsible for shaping-chiseling the personality of the individuals under one’s care.

I see copious amount of opportunities lingering and thriving in the minds of the children who come here each day to receive education.

Let our endeavor be to provide an environment where erudition is venerated and knowledge nurtured and nourished by multifarious activities, when we try to ignite the minds of the children that they become model citizens of our nation.

         Education isn’t about delivering lectures and imposing external discipline.  It lies beyond the confines of classroom and the premises of school. I impose all those who have been assigned the task of educating to fathom the depth of their responsibility and impart a learning which is both practical as well as sustainable. I impose my young students not to get bewitched by glamour and deceived by temptations. They must explore the true foundation and success and they will find that all success rests upon initiative, hard work, diligence and devotion & the dogged determination to right and never give up.


Mr. Ajeet Kumar Yadav